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Why Companies Should Invest in Wellness

  • According to the Department of Health and Human Services, employers can expect an ROI of $3 – $6 per dollar invested in a well-designed wellness program.
  • A recent study of 200 people at 3 major corporations showed that employees’ quality of life, mental performance and time management were 15% better on days when they exercised.
  • The link between employee engagement and your bottom line is real – more engaged workers translate to increased sales and profits.
  • Wellness programs can enhance and support an organization’s core values and culture
  • More than 50 percent of an individual’s well-being is a result of behavior.
  • 75 percent of health care costs can be prevented through lifestyle modifications.

For every 100 employees in America:

  • 27 have cardiovascular disease
  • 24 have high blood pressure
  • 50 or more have high cholesterol levels
  • 26 are overweight by at least 20%
  • 10 are heavy drinkers
  • 59 don’t get adequate exercise
  • 44 suffer from stress