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“MeFirst” is my core philosophy. It’s my “manifesto” for everything I do personally and professionally.

We deserve “me” time each day. Eating well, exercising, and having fun are the secrets to having more energy and getting what we want out of life. #MeFirst is leading by example so our loved ones learn “I am important.” Let’s show our families and friends that self-care is not is option, its a mission.

Who doesn’t want more energy? Well, it doesn’t come out of thin air. You have to make choices on how you live your life. I believe there are three key elements to the “MeFirst” manifesto.

Food: Eat for energy! Nourishment gives us energy, not just calories, but important vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy and fuel us with vitality. We don’t have to have “perfect” eating. Many foods can nourish us. What we do need is to establish a connection between our bodies, what we eat (and how much) and how we feel as a result.

Fitness: Exercise gives us energy. I don’t care if you are walking, swimming, dancing, or playing with your kids for hours. You are moving. Our bodies are not meant to be still. Fitness brings blood flow to muscles and bones and blood carries nutrients for healing and repairing. Fitness ensures good muscle tone now so we don’t fall and break a hip when we’re 85. We get energized AFTER the workout, no matter how dog tired we were before we started. Fitness improves our mood in the moment and gives us that “mental break” we all need. Nobody ever said they regret the time they spent moving their bodies.

Fun: Pleasure gives us renewed energy. “All work and no play…” makes for a very stressed out person. We all need to have a little fun to stay happy, centered, and balanced. Whether your idea of fun is a yoga class, coloring with your kids, cooking a new meal, shopping, volunteering, or getting pampered at the spa, you need to carve out some time to do those things that make it all “worth it.”

You can’t be your best YOU without these three things.

Take the “MeFirst” Pledge

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Why Do We Need “MeFirst”?

#MeFirst is a mission to take back some “me time” for our own health and happiness. Life is busy. We have a never ending list of to-dos and responsibilities. When we put our own self care on the back burner, nobody wins. Not our family, our jobs, or ourselves.

But there is always hope! We have chances each day, no matter how busy or tired we are, to make sure we get what we need to thrive in this crazy world – food, fitness and fun! The #MeFirst blog and social media community is place to support each other in our efforts to find time for ourselves again.

I’m Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian, ACSM certified health fitness specialist, ultra marathoner, speaker, entrepreneur and former queen of “me-last”. I created #mefirst after a 20-year journey of self-discovery, “wake up calls” and ah-ha moments. Health was never about what size clothes I wore, how much “bad food” I ate, or the efforts I made to look like some stranger on a magazine cover. It was never self-care to go on and off diets. I realized ignoring basic wellness needs made me feel tired and drained – and one day I just decided I wasn’t having that. I was worth much more time than I was giving myself. I was amazed at how great I could feel by “detoxing” from unrealistic diets, coping without emotional overeating junk food, and refusing to let anyone else hold me to an unrealistic standard for health.

And I know I’m not alone. I know you have a story and I hope you share it.

Want to be part of something positive? Something that focuses on self-care and nurturing? One where YOU decide what you want and need. One where you are accountable to yourself and not some “magical plan” that someone who doesn’t even know you made up. Then #MeFirst is here for you.

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